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Why you need to join the Freedom Club!

  • Tips and Tricks videos uploaded weekly.
    • Flash-Pod
    • SD / USB
    • Safety Shift
    • more coming soon...
  • Specific training videos so you don't buy stuff you don't need! There's a lot of "noise" out there. Let us filter it out!
    • Gear - Software - Education - Inspiration
  • See presentations and full training videos each month.
    • This month - dialing in the Mark III
    • Step by Step video on how to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool in our industry - Onsite slideshows! (coming soon)
  • Huge discounts on Showit stuff and other software.
  • Six Contests with great prizes open to everyone!
    • July/August winner gets a Free Canon 30d
  • All this for only $15!

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Here is some more cool stuff too!!!

  • Sick video from the Mayan Riviera. (click here)
  • Gorgeous wedding in Prouts Neck, Maine. (slideshow)
  • July 7th - Wedding in Nashville, TN
  • July 8th - 18th Workshop Apple Headquarters/Paris.
  • July 19th - Closing on my first home!!! (video)
  • July 28th - Wedding in Chicago, IL

See you in the Freedom Club!